Big Pig approached coup d'état with a project they had in the works for the Toronto Raptors. Hoping to add that special something to make the video stand out, they asked if our team could add our animation expertise to the project. After several possible treatments, we settled on a comic book style animation that would accentuate the actions of basketball players and the Raptor's logo featured in the video.

The goal of the animation was to give a feeling of excitement and amplify the spirit of playing basketball in the city of Toronto. The style and bright colours overlaying the gritty black and white footage stood out and emphasized the excitement of supporting a team that represents not just a city, but an entire country. 


An early test render from a particle system we modified to produce the cell shaded fire effect and rather than illustrate every fire shot effect frame by frame, we opted to develop a more robust particle based system that could easily be  tracked it to various objects (i.e. basketballs) to produce the fireball shot effect. All effects were animated in after effects with Trapcode Particulars.


Agency - Big Pig Production Co. 

DOP:  Joel Barnes

Animation Direction - LORM

Compositing - Lee James Ormerod

Video editing/coloring - Mark Delottinville

Post Sound: Agah Bahari

Music: "Stand Up" The Prodigy