hot docs bumpers:

The coup d'état team was approached by Hotdocs to work on a series of dynamic bumpers and title cards to be played in front of their films for the year. What we created for them was a series of eye catching opening sequences utilizing some unconventional photogrammetry techniques and tricks to live capture the entire Bloor street block in 3D, and build that into a dynamic sequence complete with animated cars, people and lighting. The project, beyond being a one of our favorites of the year and garnering a lot of attention, was a real success in utilizing photo scanning techniques to aid in the creation of an otherwise difficult model of a city block and produce an otherwise impossible shot


Since we received many requests asking how we achieved the shot, we decided to produce a short case study detailing “the behind the scenes” of the processes involved in the making of the bumpers.


Some unused angles demonstrated compositing passes and photo scanned elements incorporated into the animated street scenes. Some photo-scanned objects worked far better than others.


Stills of the project in various stages of development and completion.

2018-04-02 14_16_22-EARLY ALTERNATE - VLC media player.jpg

A highly multi-facited project, we were able to utilize the City of toronto GIS model data base models to reconstruct the souroundign area and give depoth to the backgorund scenes of the bumper. 


Client - The Ted Rogers Hot Docs Theater

Production Assistance - Sonya William

Photogrammetry - Stuart Mcleod

3d modeling and animation - Lee James Ormerod

Production - Coup d'État