When Toronto Hydro needed an engaging video to explain to the public the construction of a new $195 million substation beneath the historic Roundhouse Park in downtown Toronto, they knew who to turn to.  We went to work developing an electrifying video to enlighten the public about the public works project.

Being broadcast on several news outlets and during daily planet on the discovery channel, the piece managed to reach and engage a wider audience than a traditional engineering pre visualization would have. Utilizing measurements taken from the site, and extensive blueprints of the substation, we were able to actually recreate the substation and surrounding area in a surprising high level of accuracy.

below are Various projects completed for Toronto Hydro and other organizations the architectural and engineering visualization sectors. Below are two projects, one Illustrating The construction of the Copeland substation and a alternative energy storage solution system for the company Hydrostor


In addition to the Copeland project we completed other visualization style projects for Them. Below is a visualization project for the company Hydrostor, an alternative energy grid scale battery system that operates by utilizing compressed air stored under lake Ontario. 


Client: - Toronto Hydro, hydrostor

Agency - Coup d'etat

Creative Direction - Lee James Ormerod

Animation - Allen Migdal

Animation: Lee James Ormerod